Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bhonga work?

Bhonga connects you to people (whether you know them or not) in 1 km circle around you.

The moment you download the app, it checks your location and you automatically become a part of a community where all the people having APP from your circle are connected. Any message you send will be received by all around you and vice-a-versa. You do not need to know them and they don’t need to know you.

It will act like your own broadcasting system. You can use the app to send various types of messages like emergency, query, information, opinion or market offer.

Will my identity be disclosed when I send the message?

Bhonga does not share any personal information with the users. It only shares the location of the post creation. So in case of an emergency or any required scenario, the recipient of the message can reach to the spot using Google maps or equivalent available on his mobile. We do not share location of the post in case the post is about Opinion.

How can I share my information using Bhonga?

In case you need to share your personal information, you need to make it as a part of the message. Please be judicious while posting as the content of the message becomes public the moment it is posted on the platform.

How can I delete a post?

You can select the “Delete” action from the option’s menu at the top (3 dots at the top) when you go in the detail view of the post.

How can I report a post?

You can select “Report” action from the option’s menu at the top. ( 3 dots at the top). You will be asked for a reason while you report a post. Our team will look into all the posts once you report them and may take action accordingly as may be needed.

Is data in my personal profile essential?

Nope. All the fields are optional.

Am I assured of help through this APP?

Nope. We are not assuring help through this APP as there is a possibility of no one in the circle specially when APP is new or people around the area may not respond. App administrators may step-in in case of emergency to help in some way but no assurance can be made. For this app to work efficiently, kindly invite as many people on the platform to increase chances of help.

How do I select other locations?

You can get updates from other locations apart from your “current” location as well. Select “My locations” in the profile tab. Here you can specify the address & even name that location like “Residence”, “ workplace” etc.

Can I post in a location where I am not present?

No. You cannot post in an area where you are not present but you can comment on any existing post if it is one of your selected location.

Does my circle move along with me?

Yes, your location is dynamic and the circle moves along with you.

Does this app cost anything?

This app doesn’t cost any money but only willingness.

Will this app have advertisements?

Yes, occasionally we may post advertisements on the Home page. You can disable the notification from the profile section.