Bhonga - Reach Out. Loud

Reach out to your locality for emergency & non emergency needs. Take first step towards building a cohesive neighborhood.

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Why Bhonga?

  • Bhonga because we value an individual, we value their thoughts.
  • Bhonga because we understand the importance of reach for an individual.
  • Bhonga because people physically closer to you can help better.
  • Bhonga because there is something common between people in the same neighborhood.
  • Bhonga is a loudspeaker that will take your voice to the people around you.
  • Bhonga will connect people of the same area/locality together.

How does Bhonga work?

Bhonga connects all the people within area of 1 km seamlessly so that they can quickly send messages to each other in case of any emergency and non-emergency needs like lost and found, medical help, important info, queries, opinion and even offers.

Just download the app and based upon your location you will be automatically connected to the people of same locality. Bhonga only needs your current location so that it enables you to connect with people of the same area.

Where will Bhonga Work?


In case of emergency!! (Need B+ve blood, found a wallet, Child lost, Road accident, I am being trolled…)

Important Info

In case you need to share something important to the people around you (Polio Dose, Road block in the area, Water Cut, Locality guy selected in international cricket team…)


If you want to give your opinion about anyone or any work (Mr X helped a poor child, Local Municipal Body worked efficiently…)


In case you have a question to ask (Where is a 24X7 medical store, stationary store, Where to get photocopies done in wee hours, Anyone teaches tabla…)

Market Place

In case you want to offer your product or services ( New stock in the shop @ 20% discount, Tution classes for 8th-10th std…)

Quick Try

In case you want to see how the app works quickly (hey just downloaded the app to see the promptness, Wow! Nice way to connect to the people around...)

What does Bhonga Need?

Bhonga only needs your location which we use to connect you with people within area of 1km. around you. As you physically move, the location will change dynamically. For the APP to function better, we would request you to allow the APP to track location even when it is not in use.

Bhonga was made keeping in your privacy in mind and hence no data is mandatory. Not even your name.

Most importantly, for Bhonga to work efficiently, please ask your neighborhood to download the app so that in case of emergency, at least someone from vicinity will get back with help and in case of non-emergency, there will be a healthy exchange of information within the locality.